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    Hot Water Generator

    Manufacturer of Hot Water Generator in India

    Leo Boiler is one of the known manufacturers of hot water generators in India. The purpose of the hot water generator is to be used for different applications and industries. The team’s expertise will make everything appropriate and made as per the present high standards. Moreover, it offers an efficient and cost-effective solution to generate hot water instantly. The fully automatic unit makes it much more functional and easy for various options.


    The hot water generator is not just limited to being cost-effective but offering exclusive design to cater to the demand of various industries like: Hotels, hospitals, laundries, resorts, swimming pools, dairies, and other process industries.

    Key features Benefits
    • Comes with pressurized and non-pressurized features (All depends on the water temperature you are looking for)
    • Operate at a high thermal efficiency of 92+2% on Net Calorific Value
    • The hot water generator increases output right away because of its better functionality and ease to handle loads.
    • Reduced energy consumption because of the design which results in higher transfer rate of heat and better use of heat.

    Get in touch with Leo Boiler to place the order

    The hot water generator is known for its accurate results and working against various methods. Moreover, the installation won’t add up to much capital, maintenance, and operational cost. The compact design reduces the need for installation space. If you would like to place an order, then get hold of our team and feel free to ask for a quote.