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    Hot Air Generator

    Manufacturer of Hot Air Generator in India

    Leo Boiler is one of the renowned boiler manufacturers and suppliers in India. The expertise of our team will give you the perfection you have been searching for Hot Air Generator. Manufactured with the finest features and superior quality makes, it stands out from other products available in the market. The high standards and precision will allow your business to have all the necessary benefits it should provide as an industrial application. The quality of the product makes it rigid and works under possible conditions.


    Leo Boiler hot air generators serve various purposes like applications for electrical air replacement, steam radiators, and thermic fluid radiators for dryers. It even stands perfect for tray dryers, flash dryers, spray dryers, and much more.

    Key Features Benefits
    • Capacity: 50000 to 1500000 kcal/hr
    • Automatic firing control
    • 30-50% saving as compared to Thermic Fluid Heater
    • Fluid heater
    • Oil gas fired
    • S.S.316 Heat exchange
    • Compact material
    • Design that helps it to easy to clean and free from contamination
    • Affordable price as compared to other options.
    • Fuel saving design and easy heat recovery
    • Trouble-free operation
    • 100% depreciation in the very first year (as per income tax rule)

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    Would you like to place the order? Feel free to get in touch with our team to know more about the product. If you want to know about something specific, then ask the team and proceed further. Feel free to ask for a quote and make the final choice accordingly. We also have another range of boilers, which you can check on our website.