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    Water Softening Plant Manufacturer In India

    Leo Boiler is known for offering high-quality water softening plants. The installation of a water softening plant works appropriately to remove hard water and offer quality water. The problem with hard water is the increased presence of magnesium ions and calcium. Everything is under control with the right process and higher standards.

    Applications of Water Softening Plant

    Well! There are various features offered with the installation of a water softening plant.
    And the plant makes it appropriate for different applications like:

    • Beverage production
    • Chemical and textiles
    • Air conditioning plant
    • Cooling tower
    • Hotels, hospitals, and laundries
    • Product fishing and boiler feed
    • Process industry
    • Pharmaceuticals industry
    • Food processing
    • Ice plant and water power plant
    • Swimming pools
    Key Features Benefits
    • Capacity (m3/hr): 1000
    • Material: Alloy Steel
    • working pressure: 0.15-0.5 Mpa
    • Require less space
    • Offers greater durability
    • Offers high tensile strength
    • Significantly reduce maintenance cost

    Different specifications of water softening plant

    Water softening plant comes with various specifications, and that includes:
    » User-friendly approach
    » Boost the application frequency, and the plumbing system gets better
    » Comes with automatic regeneration
    » Reduced power consumption
    » Manufactured with top-quality material and resin

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